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INFACOL Wind Drops 30ml

INFACOL Wind Drops 30ml

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It is likely that your baby will get wind sometimes, as air can get into her tummy whilst feeding. You can generally ease the discomfort this causes by straightening her back and letting her burp.

Unfortunately, wind can sometimes get trapped which can cause your baby discomfort. Infacol can gently help to bring up wind as its active ingredient- simeticone- helps the little trapped gas bubbles join into bigger bubbles which your baby can easily bring up as wind - helping to relieve the pain.

Infacol can be used from birth onwards.

Some babies take in more air than others when feeding, whether they are breast or bottle fed.

About Infacol
  • Infacol has been specially formulated to relieve wind, infant colic and griping pain.
  • Clinically proven to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of crying attacks associated with colic.
  • Can be used from birth onwards
  • Natural orange flavour
  • Sugar, alcohol and colourant free
  • Comes with a handy integrated dropper - making it easy to give to your baby
  • Each bottle contains enough liquid for up to 100 feeds

Q : How soon should I see Infacol working?
A : Treatment with Infacol may provide a progressive improvement over several days, so you should see a difference in the frequency and severity of your baby's crying attacks over a period of days.

Q : How often can I use Infacol?
A : Infacol can be used as often as required, before each and every feed regardless of how many times you feed your baby during the day. Infacol's active ingredient, simethicone, does not get absorbed into your baby's body.

Wind info from Infacol's website:

Wind can be distressing and may prevent adequate intake of nutrients - because your baby's stomach will feel full and feeding will stop.

After and possibly mid-way through a feed you should help your baby to bring up any air that may have been taken in with the milk.

Four ways to wind your baby are:

  • Hold her against your shoulder and gently rub or pat her back
  • Sit her on your lap supporting her head with your hand under her chin and gently rub or pat her back
  • Lay her stomach-down on your lap- rubbing your baby's back at the same time helps to provide comfort and reassurance
  • Help your baby to relax in a warm bath or gently massage her tummy in a circular motion which can bring relief as well as helping to release trapped wind

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