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Why Innoxa (Click anywhere on this page to see our range)


Both Skin Care and                  Active ingredients that give
Cosmetics                                you results.

                                                  High quality formulations
                                                  that are kind to your skin.


Affordable prices                      No animal testing.             
                                                 Innoxa is accredited on the
                                                 Choose Cruelty Free List



Entire range is dermatologically


Our History

Born in France

In 1920, Innoxa was founded in France by dermatologist Dr Francois Debat, who believed in treating every being gently. From the beginning the Innoxa philosophy has been First Do No Harm

Living all over the world

In 1925, recognising the strength of the formulations, pharmacist Albert Alberman exported the first Innoxa products from France to the United Kingdom, where it was the first skincare range to be recognised by The British Medical Association. The Innoxa business thrived in the United Kingdom during the 1930s. To service the demand for the range of high quality hypo-allergenic skincare, Albert Alberman commenced manufacturing Innoxa products in the UK. The UK would later become the sole manufacturer of Innoxa products during WWII, due to the occupation of France.

Caring for skin since 1930 in Australia

In 1933, the brand expanded globally, with Innoxa products being exported for the first time to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Following which, local demand for the iconic skincare range lead to local manufacture commencing in Australia in 1933. Innoxa has now become a staple for every Australian women since.


With a century long dermatological heritage of nurturing and regenerating, Innoxa constantly evolves to deliver a wide range of skincare, colour and body products to address your specific needs. Innoxa takes inspiration from nature and uses it as wisely and economically as possible - utilizing plant, mineral and marine extracts, and bio-engineering what we can so that our precious ecosystem can remain intact. As a result, our skincare products are a perfect example of the happy union of science and nature. What's more, they really work. We do not test on animals. What on earth for? Our products are for humans, which is why we only make hypo-allergenic products that are safe to use on even the most sensitive of skins Innoxa concentrates on products that are; classic, simple, beauty. That's because we know true beauty is not just about how you look, but about who you are.