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AURALGAN Ear Pain Relief Drops 15ml

AURALGAN Ear Pain Relief Drops 15ml

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For effective relief of ear pain.

Auralgan Ear Drops are specifically formulated to provide effective relief of the pain associated with infection or inflammation of the middle ear called Otitis Media.

The signs and symptoms of Otits Media (middle ear infection) are throbbing pain and difficulty hearing. This often accompanied by a fever, runny nose and swollen glands.

Auralgan ear drops are specifically formulated with Benzocaine, a local anaesthetic (numbing agent) and Phenazone, an analgesic (pain reliever) to provide effective relief of the pain associated with Otitis Media.


  • Take children who have severe ear ache to the Doctor as soon as possible.
  • See your Doctor if any of the following occur with an ear problem
    • Pain lasting more than 24 hours.
    • Fever, dizziness, stiff neck, ear discharge.
    • Hearing loss, or ringing in the ears.
    • Inability to walk properly.
  • Ear ache can also be caused by problems with the teeth, nose or throat.
  • If you have had a discharge from your ears, a recent ear infection or have had a burst ear drum in the past, do not use ear drops unless you have had your ear drum checked first by your Doctor.


  • Do not use if ear drum is perforated or if discharge from the ear is present.
  • Avoid contact with the eyes.
  • If irritation occurs or sensitivity develops discontinue use and seek medical advice.
  • Not recommended for infants under 1 year of age.
  • Do not use if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients or to similar substances.
  • Stop use and seek immediate medical attention if you have difficulty breathing; pale, gray or blue coloured skin; weakness, confusion, or headache. These may be signs of a rare, but serious condition and appear within minutes to hours after benzocaine use.

 Directions for use

  • Use Auralgan Ear Drops at room temperature.
  • If bottle is cold to touch, warm in hand for a minute.
  • Tilt head to one side with affected ear uppermost.
  • Fill ear canal and plug ear with cotton wool moistened with Auralgan Ear Drops.
  • Repeat every one or two hours until pain is relieved.
  • If condition persists, consult with your Doctor.
  • Avoid touching the ear with the dropper.
  • Do not rinse dropper after use.
  • Replace dropper in bottle after use and cap tightly.

 Active Ingredients

Each 1ml contains

Phenazone 54mg

Benzocaine 14mg

Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate 375mcg (as preservative)


Discard six months after opening.

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