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DRIXINE No Drip Orig. Pump Sp 15ml

DRIXINE No Drip Orig. Pump Sp 15ml

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This is a "Pharmacy Medicine".

Declaration: I (the customer) agree to use this medicine strictly as directed. If I suffer any adverse effects, or if symptoms persist, I will contact my Pharmacist or Doctor.  By ordering this product I acknowledge that I have read and understand the information regarding the product.

Drixine No Drip Formula Original Nasal Spray

Provides fast relief from blocked nose due to colds & flu, allergies and sinusitis. For children 6 - adults. (Do not use in children under 6. Use in children aged 6-11 only on medical advice)

Use this product to provide temporary relief from:

  • Blocked nose due to colds & flu, hayfever and allergies.
  • Sinus congestion
  • Swollen nasal membranes, so you can breathe more freely.
  • Before flying if your nose has any signs of congestion.


  • Treatment should not exceed 3 days, or you run the risk of rebound congestion, where the nose relies on this product to stay clear. The only real cure is then to stop using the spray and wait for up to six weeks for the nose to clear on it's own.
  • Consult your doctor or pharmacist if using this prodcut in children 6 to 11 years of age; if congestion persists; if you are pregnant or breast feeding; if you are taking other couh and cold medications.
  • Each pack should be used by only one person, due to hygiene.


How to use this product:

  • Shake well before use.
  • Before using the first time, remove the protective cap from the tip, and prime metered pump by depressing the pump firmly several times until you see spray squirt out.
  • Blow nose gently to clear.
  • To spray, hold bottle with thumb at base and nozzle between first and second fingers.
  • Without tilting head, insert nozzle into nostril, fully depress rim with a firm, even stroke, then breathe gently through your mouth for several minutes. (If you inhale deeply as the instructions on the box tell you to, you will suck the spray into your throat and it tastes disgusting and does not work in your throat)
  • After use, wipe nozzle clean.
  • Store below 25 degrees C.


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