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EGO SOOV Burn Spray 200ml

EGO SOOV Burn Spray 200ml

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Get fast relief from sunburn and minor burns with the help of Ego Soov Burn Spray. Its a fast acting antiseptic and anaesthetic that cools and soothes burns.
How can using Ego Soov Burn Spray Help me?
When you use this product, it may immediately provide relief from pain of sunburn as well as minor burns, cuts and grazes. It is formulated with local anaesthetic (numbing agent) so it helps to soothe burning sensation. It also contains antiseptic for immediate protection against infection. It likewise provides lasting cooling effect so it may relieve you of discomfort.


Remove tamper evident seal from end o nozzle and discard. Push safety guard down to neck of bottle (replace when not in use). For minor burns apply cold water first. Hold bottle 10cm from affected area and spray until skin is wet. Apply up to four times daily. For treating the face, spray onto fingers then apply gently.


Avoid eyesFor external use onlyIf irritation occurs stop use immediately and seek medical advice.Do not use on children under 2 years old.Not suitable for use on deep wounds or serious burns. (Seel medical advice for these)Store below 25deg c.

What are in this product?
Cetrimide 0.25% W/W
Lignocaine Hydrochloride 2% w/w  

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