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ENO Sparkling Antacid Lemon 200g

ENO Sparkling Antacid Lemon 200g

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Eno® is an antacid powder which is mixed with water to produce a sparkling antacid drink for the temporary relief of heartburn & indigestion caused by too much food and drink.

Eno contains sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate and citric anhydrous.

Frequently asked questions



I am on a low sodium diet? How much sodium is in this product?
Eno Lemon – A single dose (5g) of Eno contains 36.7mmol (843mg) of sodium which should be taken into account by those on a restricted sodium diet.

What flavour does it contain?
Eno Lemon – Lemon 51/416 and Lime 51/181.

Does Eno® contain gluten?
No gluten.

Does Eno® contain lactose?
No lactose.

Does it contain sugar or sweetener?
Eno Lemon – contains saccharin sodium.

What colouring agents are used?
Eno Lemon – No colourant.

Does it contain a preservative?
Eno Lemon – No preservative.

Can I take Eno® during pregnancy?
Yes it can be taken as directed during pregnancy.


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