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GO COQ10 300mg + VitD 30caps

GO COQ10 300mg + VitD 30caps

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GO Healthy Go CO-Q10 300mg Plus Vitamin D3 1,000IU is a superior strength, heart health and energy formula, supplied in a convenient, easy to swallow 1-a-Day SoftGel capsule dose.  Each capsule contains 300mg of Co-Q10 plus Vitamin D3 1,000IU for extra heart health support.

  • Clinical strength Co-Q10
  • Naturally fermented Co-Q10
  • Supports a healthy heart function
  • Supplied in oil form to further enhance absorption
  • Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Can benefit those with symptoms of:
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • On Statin medication
    • High blood pressure
    • Chronic fatigue
Active Ingredients:
Each capsule contains:
Co-Enzyme Q10 (ubidecaronene) 300mg
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol 25ug) 1,000IU

Dosage; Adults:
Take one softgel capsule daily. Best taken with food or as directed by your Healthcare Professional.

  • Not to be taken during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Do not take if on blood thinning medication without medical advice.
  • If taking prescription medication or if in doubt consult your Healthcare Professional.
  • Always read the label and take only as directed.

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