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HIRUDOID Cream 40g

HIRUDOID Cream 40g

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Hirudoid is useful for treatment of bruises , swelling and for scar treatment.

Hirudoid is an Antithrombotic and Anti-inflammatory cream useful for treatment of Contusions, Sprains, Heamatomas, Bruises and Swelling.

It is also useful for the treatment of Scars and the loosening of Scar tissue for improvement of scars due to injury or Surgery.

For the topical treatment of superficial phlebitis and thrombosis inflamed varicose veins or follow-up treatment after sclerosing of varicose veins. Hirudoid strongly inhibits inflammation, augments absorption of exudates and edema, speedily relieves pain and tension in the afflicted region, promotes regeneration of connective tissues. Hirudoid is well tolerated by the skin and other tissues and does not irritate. May help to shorten the duration of the disorder.

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