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Nicotrol gum for nicotine replacement

NICOTROL Gum Classic 2mg 105

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We recommend Regular Strength 2mg gum if you are smoking less than 20 cigarettes a day. Nicotrol Gum gives you active control over your dosing schedule.

Nicotrol Gum supplies less nicotine than a cigarette (approximately one third the amount) and using gum instead of smoking means you avoid the harmful physical (irritation) and chemical (eg tars, carbon monoxide) effects associated with smoking.

You do not need to chew the same number of gum pieces as the number of cigarettes you used to smoke. You can use the gum on a regular basis throughout the day (say, every hour or so) or you can use the gum when you feel you need to. If you are using the gum regularly through the day we recommend that you do not exceed a maximum usage of 24 pieces per day.

Correct chewing technique is important this is not a normal chewing gum:
  • Chew until a strong taste or slight tingling sensation is felt (~ a minute)
  • Stop chewing and place the gum between cheek and gum
  • When the tingling has almost gone, start to chew again
  • Each piece of gum should be chewed for about 30 minutes
We suggest you consider using Nicotrol gum regularly for at least 3 months. After this time, you can gradually begin to reduce the amount you are using and when down to only 1 or 2 pieces a day, you can stop (although you may wish to have some gum on hand in case you face any particularly tempting situation)

Some people find the lure of cigarettes so strong that they end up maintaining themselves on the gum. This harm-reduction approach has it's merits (it's inherently safer than smoking), but we recommend that if you are using this product longer than 6 months that you seek your doctor's advice.

Do NOT use if:
  • you are continuing to smoke ! ( this may lead to nicotine overdosage)
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless on the advice of your doctor
  • you are a child
  • you suffer from active oesophagitis, inflammation of the mouth or pharynx, or gastric or peptic ulcers

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