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NUK Latex Soother size 1 colour 2pk

NUK Latex Soother size 1 colour 2pk

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NUK Happy Kids Latex Soother with Ring, 2 per Pack

0 - 6 months

Please check colour with us prior to ordering as our stock may not match the picture shown.

When babies start kicking, grasping, lifting their heads or sucking on a soother, it is all an important part of their daily “fitness regime”, because the muscles in their legs, arms, backs and even in their faces too, have to develop and be exercised. The interplay between an agile tongue, powerful jaw muscles and a correctly-shaped roof of the mouth is an important requirement for healthy, trouble-free breathing, problem-free feeding and, later, speech development.

The NUK Happy Kids Soother has the NUK Shape which is right for the jaw, an anatomically-shaped mouth shield made of high-quality synthetic material and is available with traditional motif favourites.  All NUK Soothers have the NUK Air System which allows air to escape out of the baglet through a vent. The baglet stays soft and sufficiently flat so that it can help prevent jaw deformation. Latex is well-known for being highly elastic, extremely resilient, tear -resistant, exceptionally flexible.  It can be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way and there is no build-up of static electricity, i.e. latex does not attract dust.

NUK has the right size of teat for every age group and every type of food. For soothers and teats should adapt optimally to the mouth at every stage of life and, with that, to the development of the child’s jaw. Our researchers and developers found out how a child’s palate changes between 0 and 36 months and developed teat sizes for four different age groups.

The mouth plays a key role in the healthy overall development of your child. Breathing, eating, sensory perception – all these things require perfect coordination between the jaw, tongue and lips. Breastfeeding is the perfect training for this from birth onwards. At its mother’s breast, a baby learns to coordinate the movements, to strengthen its muscles and to prepare its mouth for the tasks to come - teething, chewing and, last but not least, speaking.

For healthy oral development:

the NUK Classic Happy Kids Soother – an important piece of “sports kit” for little champions.

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