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OPTREX Sore Eyes Drops 10ml

OPTREX Sore Eyes Drops 10ml

  • $1199

Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops
provide active relief for sore,
irritated and tired eyes.
•Soothes and cleanses
•For adults and children
•Use as often as required

Click here for more information about sore eyes.

Applying the drops
•Tilt head back
•Gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into the corner of each eye
•Take care not to touch the eye with the tip of the dropper
•Use as often as required
•Discard 28 days after opening

Do you wear contacts?

Don't use Optrex Eye Drops while or just before wearing your contact lenses. Wait 15 minutes after application before wearing contact lenses.

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