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REPEL Super Aerosol 100ml

REPEL Super Aerosol 100ml

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Repel Tropical Strength Aerosol is an optimum strength personal insect repellent containing 30% DEET* and complementary antiseptics. Repel Tropical Strength Aerosol will safely and effectively repel mosquitoes, sandflies, fleas, biting flies, ticks and other blood sucking insects for 6-8hrs before the need to reapply. The new look of the Repel Tropical Strength Aerosol means that it now comes in a more streamlined can which fits neatly into your hand for ease of application.

Repel Tropical Strength and Ultra Insect Repellents should be your product of choice to protect against dengue fever, malaria, west Nile virus and other diseases transmitted by the bite of infected blood sucking and biting insects.

Active Ingredients:

Diethyl toluamide (DEET) 300.00g/l (30%)

Alcohol F4, Terpineol, Silicone oil, Fragrance, PCMX


Further Information:
*Optimum levels of DEET recommended by the World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control are between 30-50%. DEET percentages higher than 40% are considered to be no more effective and will increase the likelihood of skin irritation and rashes.

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