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SKYBRIGHT Coll. Silv Cream 50g

SKYBRIGHT Coll. Silv Cream 50g

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A well absorbed, nourishing cream suitable for all skin types. Especially effective for dry, chaffed or irritated skin. The manuka honey used has a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of 16+.

Colloidal Silver supports the body’s immune system and defences for natural healing. The anti-microbial benefits of manuka honey and manuka oil support the body’s natural response. The blend of emollient and nourishing natural vegetable oils are absorbed quickly, leaving skin feeling hydrated and revitalized.

Product Information

Ingredients: water, colloidal silver, silicon (silica), jojoba oil, avocado oil, glycerin, manuka honey (umf 16+), dmdm, citrus seed extract, manuka oil.

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