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SP TraxIt Wear. U/Arm Thermometer

SP TraxIt Wear. U/Arm Thermometer

  • $1550

Product Description

Intended for measurement of body temperature

Pack of 4 'TraxIt' thermometers

Features and Benefits

  • Continuous temperature monitoring
  • Instant readings once in place
  • No need to disturb child. No anxiety caused to parent/child
  • Safe application + gentle latex free adhesive
  • Single patient use reduces cross infection risk
  • Low cost and easy to use
  • Accurate, clinically proven
  • Portable, convenient, disposable


    1. Ensure underarm is clean and free of hair.
    2. Peel off thermometer from the backing and place high up under the arm – Illustration 1.
    3. With the arm down, wait 3 minutes for the first reading. Just lift the arm to read at any time after this.
    4. The current temperature at the time of viewing is the
    5. last completely black dot on the table - Illustration 2.
    6. TraxIt may be left on for bathing but should be replaced after 48 hours of continuous wear.
    7. To remove, hold skin around TraxIt taut. Slowly and gently peel off. Do not reuse - dispose of safely.
    8. If further monitoring is required, apply a new TraxIt under the other arm. Do not apply over the same skin.

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