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VIRABAN 5% (Aciclovir) CREAM 5g

VIRABAN 5% (Aciclovir) CREAM 5g

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Viraban Cold Sore Cream is an antiviral used to treat & prevent the symptoms of cold sores. (herpes simplex). Antiviral active ingredient Aciclovir, works by stopping the herpes virus from reproducing & infecting other cells.

Often you will feel a tingling, itching, burning sensation. Use at the tingle stage. Viraban can prevent the cold sore from developing. If the blister does develop, Viraban can speed the healing process.

Cold sores are infectious: Do not allow others to touch your cold sore, or share your towel. Avoid kissing. Wash hands before and after touching cold sores.Early use can prevent your cold sore. Keep a tube with you so you can start treatment as soon as the next attack begins. See a Doctor if no better after 10 days.

Active Ingredients: Acyclovir 5%
Dosage: Apply FIVE times daily during waking hours for FIVE days.
Warnings: Do not use on mucous membranes - eyes, mouth or vagina. Genital herpes requires urgent medical attention

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